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5000K LED Light Bulbs For Industrial Use

ALIHSOLAR's industrial LED bulbs are an ideal choice for industrial use due to their precision aluminum heat dissipation, high-performance constant current drive, wide range illumination, and versatility in application scenarios. The E40 base and mining lamp interchangeability further enhance their appeal, making them a smart choice for businesses looking to upgrade their lighting. Invest in these high-quality LED bulbs to experience energy efficiency, durability, and superior performance in your industrial spaces.

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Professional 5000K LED Light Bulbs | Industrial Lighting Solutions by ALIHSOLAR

When it comes to industrial lighting, it’s essential to choose a product that is both high-quality and reliable. That’s why ALIHSOLAR is the go-to manufacturer for all your industrial lighting needs. Their range of industrial light bulbs includes the High Power series, which comes in various wattage options, including 65W, 80W, 100W, and 150W.

These high-power bulbs are perfect for illuminating large areas, and due to their high power output, they provide unparalleled brightness and coverage. The Aluminum Emergency LED Bulb is another popular product from ALIHSOLAR. It is specifically designed to be used in emergency situations and is made from high-quality aluminum, ensuring its durability and longevity.

But that’s not all. ALIHSOLAR also produces indoor LED bulbs for various settings. The 100W LED bulb replacement parts LED light bulb is perfect for warehouses, providing high brightness and coverage. The Aluminum Industrial Light is another popular option, perfect for workshops, garages, factories, and warehouses.

In addition to its high-quality products, ALIHSOLAR also offers a range of features and benefits that make its products stand out. For example, its products have stable performance, longer life expectancy, and cross-flow drive without 100% Real Watt. They have a wide range of voltage options, from 100-265V, and a PF > 0.9.

The optical parameters are also impressive, with highlight light beads that shine evenly, providing wide illumination coverage. The SMD2835 LED chip is 1W/LED, with 110 LM/LED, and an RA > 80. The lamp structure is also designed with user convenience in mind, with an acrylic lampshade and strong heat dissipation and anti-leakage insulation.

ALIHSOLAR also conducts professional testing, ensuring that its products meet the highest standards of quality and safety. The cylindrical light-emitting technology ensures that there are no dark areas and that the product provides 270-degree exposure. The accessories are of high quality, with strong conductivity and an E27 screw universal design that is anti-corrosion rust-resistant.

The ALIHSOLAR range of products also boasts excellent distribution curve flux, offering a range of applications, including stadiums, workshops, warehouses, airports, and railway stations. The products use 3030 LEDs Mould, with high luminous efficiency, low heat, and no mercury or other harmful elements, making them eco-friendly.

The LED chip uses the brand lamp bead chip, SMD 3030 double chip, ensuring high quality and high brightness. The driver is an intelligent IC constant current drive, efficient conversion, and 80W and above for double drive power supply, making it both safe and stable. The 100W/150W cooling fan reduces driving power and ambient temperature, improving power efficiency and service life.

The thickened aluminum heat dissipation, convection design, and strong heat dissipation effect reduce overall lamp problems, providing a lower ambient temperature for the lamp beads and power supply. The aluminum alloy lamp housing has good heat conduction and is designed with a cooling fan for fast heat dissipation.

Investing in high-quality industrial lighting is crucial for creating a safe and productive workspace. That’s why ALIHSOLAR’s industrial high bay LED lights are the perfect choice for any workspace. Choose ALIHSOLAR’s industrial lighting solutions today and experience unparalleled brightness and coverage for your workspace.



Lighting solutions service:Lighting and circuitry design, DIALux evo layout, LitePro DLX layout, Agi32 layout, auto CAD layout, Onsite metering, Project Installation

Light Source:LED

Input Voltage(V):AC100V – 277V

Lamp Luminous Flux(lm):8450-19500

CRI (Ra>):80

Working Power:65W 80W 100W 150W

Working Lifetime(Hour):50000

IP Rating:IP20

Certification:CE, PSE, ETL, LVD, RoHS

Beam Angle(°):120

Application:Stadium, Workshop, Warehouse, Airport, Railway Station

Emitting Color:White,Black

Application places:workshop,warehouse,tunnel,stadium warehouses, factories, public places, outdoor billboards, building sites, high poles, tower cranes, building landscapes, urban floodlighting and other projection places.

Material: Aluminum + PC Lampshade Model / Lens Optical Model,Easy drop-in installation

Features: 3030 LEDs Mould,with high luminous efficiency,low heat,no mercury and other harmful elements,belonging to green light;The client can choose lumen brightness,CRI and CCT,the maximum luminous efficiency of up to 130lm/W;LED source conform LM80,the actual test ambient temperature after aging 9000h at 105℃,can maintain the luminous flux rateremained at 96%;Uses high thermal conductivity aluminum plate, reducing the temperature difference between light source and radiator, improvereliability;Using convection radiator and temperature is less than75℃;Meet CE C-Tick CCC standard LED driver;No mercury or toxic gas;RoHS compliant;

LED light source type


Display Material: Aluminum

LED light source type: Philips LED /OSRAM LED

Bright colour: Daylight white


PowerLamp body sizeLED model Luminous efficiencyInduction AngleColor Rendering IndexLighting Area
65WØ200*275 mmOSRAM LED 140LM/Wconventional product 130LM/W5°/10°/30°CRI>80Ra100㎡
80WØ200*275 mmOSRAM LED 140LM/Wconventional product 130LM/W5°/10°/30°CRI>80Ra150㎡
100WØ200*275 mmOSRAM LED 140LM/Wconventional product 130LM/W5°/10°/30°CRI>80Ra200㎡
150WØ200*275  mmOSRAM LED 140LM/Wconventional product 130LM/W5°/10°/30°CRI>80RaRa70/80250㎡

The industrial light bulb from ALIHSOLAR is an excellent choice for those who need high power options, ranging from 65W to 150W. The bulb is available in E40, E39, E27, and B22 options, so you’re sure to find the right fit for your needs. Plus, if you’re looking for an emergency option, there’s even a high power bulb with an aluminum emergency LED bulb available. Trust ALIHSOLAR to provide you with the power and versatility you need in your lighting solutions.


Manufacturer: ALIHSOLAR From China

Product model number: ALIH-LHB08

Input Voltage: AC 85-277V 50/60Hz

Colour temperature: 6500-7000K (standard) 、2800-3300k、4000-5000k


LED Brand: LED 2835

Housing: Aluminum+LENs

Housing colour: black,white

Protection level: IP54

Warranty:5 years


Why are these industrial light bulbs perfect for industrial use?

The industrial light bulbs offered by our company are an excellent choice for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a closer look at why these bulbs are perfect for industrial use.

ELECTRIC PARAMETER: One of the key reasons that these bulbs are ideal for industrial settings is their stable performance and longer life expectancy. With cross-flow drive without 100% Real Watt and a wide range voltage of 100-265V, these bulbs have a power factor of >0.9 that ensures they are energy efficient and dependable.

OPTICAL PARAMETER: Another important feature of these bulbs is their highlight light beads that shine brightly and evenly, providing a wide irradiation area. With SMD2835 LED Chip,1W/LED and 110 LM/LED, these bulbs have a color rendering index (RA) of > 80, making them perfect for illuminating large industrial spaces.

LAMP STRUCTURE :The lamp structure of these bulbs is also designed with industrial use in mind. The acrylic lampshade is not only light and comfortable, but it also has strong heat dissipation and anti-leakage insulation features. Additionally, the aluminum house has a better heat sink and low lumen depreciation, ensuring that these bulbs are durable and long-lasting.

PROFESSIONAL TESTING: Our bulbs have undergone comprehensive testing to ensure their quality and reliability. The cylindrical light-emitting technology ensures that there are no dark areas, providing 120 degrees of exposure. This means that the bulbs have an excellent distribution curve flux that is ideal for industrial settings.

ACCESSORIES APPLICATION :In addition to their superior performance, these bulbs also come with a range of accessories that make them easy to use and replace. With strong conductivity, E27 screw universal, and anti-corrosion rust, the E27/E40 Lamp Base is designed for easy replacement. Also, the screw-in/industrial design makes replacing the two different types of lamps a breeze, requiring only two simple steps.

PC Lampshade Model / Lens Optical Model Option:Easy drop-in installation, makes these bulbs perfect for use in a variety of industrial settings. Whether you need to illuminate a large factory floor or a small warehouse, our industrial light bulbs are the perfect choice to meet your needs.

ALIHSOLAR, a leading manufacturer in the industry, offers a range of high-power LED light bulbs designed to cater to the diverse requirements of industrial spaces. With a variety of wattages and base options, ALIHSOLAR’s industrial light bulbs are the perfect choice for your workspace.

So why wait? Invest in the best for your workspace with ALIHSOLAR’s high-quality industrial LED light bulbs. Experience the benefits of energy efficiency, enhanced productivity, and improved safety by choosing ALIHSOLAR’s industrial high bay LED lights today. Contact us to discuss your needs and let us help you select the perfect lighting solution for your space.

Thank you for considering ALIHSOLAR as your partner in lighting solutions.


What Are Industrial Light Bulbs ?

Industrial light bulbs are an exceptional type of light bulb that are designed to be used in industrial settings. They are made from high-quality materials such as aluminum alloy, which allows for good heat conduction. This is especially important in an industrial setting where temperatures can get very high. Additionally, industrial light bulbs come with a cooling fan inside that allows for fast heat dissipation.

One of the key features of industrial light bulbs is their milky PC cap. This cap has good transmittance, which allows for a soft light that is easy on the eyes. This is especially important in an industrial setting where workers may be exposed to bright lights for long periods of time.

Industrial light bulbs are also equipped with an IC constant driver. This driver ensures that there is no strobe and provides overload protection. This is important for safety reasons in an industrial setting.

Finally, industrial light bulbs are made with high lumen 2835/3030 chips. These chips provide good brightness and have a long lifespan, with a color rendering index (CRI) of over 80. This means that colors appear more natural and accurate under the light of an industrial light bulb.


Industrial light bulbs have a wide range of applications and can be used in many different settings.

In stadiums, large industrial light bulbs are used to light up the playing field and provide a clear view for spectators. In workshops, these bulbs are used to provide bright and even lighting for workers to perform their tasks with precision.

Warehouses require very bright and efficient lighting to ensure that workers can safely navigate the space and find the items they need. Industrial light bulbs are also commonly used in airports and railway stations to provide clear lighting for passengers and employees.

In addition to these common applications, industrial light bulbs can be used in many other settings, including factories, hospitals, and museums, to name just a few.



Discover tHigh-Performance Industrial Light Bulbs: A Comprehensive Guide to Electric, Optical, and Structural Parametershe Perfect High Bay Lights for Your Lighting Needs: Durable, Reliable, and Efficient

Industrial light bulbs are essential in illuminating factories, warehouses, and other industrial settings with high-quality lighting that can withstand harsh conditions. They are durable, stable, and high-performing.

Wattage is a critical electric parameter for industrial light bulbs. They have a wide range voltage of 100-265V and a power factor (PF) of greater than 0.9, ensuring they are energy-efficient and provide consistent illumination over their lifespan.

Industrial light bulbs are designed for even and wide coverage, with SMD2835 LED chips providing 1W/LED and 130 LM/LED. They also have a color rendering index (CRI) of greater than 80, ensuring accurate color representation under the light.

The lamp structure of industrial light bulbs is important, with an acrylic lampshade design that is both light and comfortable. They are made of aluminum, providing a better heat sink and low lumen depreciation.

Professional testing is critical for industrial light bulbs, ensuring no dark areas and providing 270 degrees of exposure. They come with a range of accessories, including E27 screw universal bases that are anti-corrosion and rust-resistant.

Understanding the electric, optical, and structural parameters of industrial light bulbs can help businesses choose the right lighting for their needs with confidence.

Invest in ALIHSOLAR’s high-quality industrial LED light bulbs for energy efficiency, productivity, and safety. Contact us for the perfect lighting solution for your space. Thank you for considering ALIHSOLAR as your partner in lighting solutions.


  • What is the difference between industrial light bulbs and regular light bulbs?

Answer: Industrial light bulbs are designed for heavy-duty applications and harsh environments, with higher durability, longer life spans, and greater energy efficiency. Regular light bulbs are designed for residential and commercial use with less demanding requirements.

  • How do I choose the right industrial light bulb for my business?

Answer: Consider factors like the required brightness, color temperature, energy efficiency, lifespan, and the type of environment the bulb will be used in. Consult with a lighting expert or manufacturer to determine the best option for your specific needs.

  • What are some common types of industrial light bulbs?

Answer: Common types include high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs, compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, and light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks, depending on the application.

  • How can businesses save energy with industrial light bulbs?

Answer: By choosing energy-efficient options like LED or CFL bulbs, businesses can significantly reduce their energy consumption and lower utility bills. Additionally, implementing smart lighting systems and timers can help further optimize energy usage.

  • How do I properly dispose of used industrial light bulbs?

Answer: Follow local regulations and recycling programs for proper disposal. Some bulbs, like CFLs and HIDs, contain hazardous materials that require special handling and recycling.

  • What is the average lifespan of an industrial light bulb?

Answer: Lifespans vary based on the type of bulb. LED bulbs typically last 25,000 to 50,000 hours, while CFLs last around 10,000 hours and HIDs last between 10,000 to 24,000 hours.

  • Are there any safety concerns when using industrial light bulbs?

Answer: Yes, some bulbs, like HIDs, may contain hazardous materials and require proper handling. Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure that bulbs are compatible with fixtures and are used in suitable environments to avoid overheating or other potential hazards.

  • What is the difference between warm and cool color temperatures for industrial light bulbs?

Answer: Warm color temperatures (2700K-3000K) emit a yellowish light, suitable for creating a cozy atmosphere, while cool color temperatures (4000K-6500K) emit a bluish-white light, ideal for task-oriented environments and enhancing alertness.

  • Can industrial light bulbs be used outdoors?

Answer: Yes, but make sure the bulb is rated for outdoor use and is compatible with the fixture. Outdoor-rated bulbs are designed to withstand temperature fluctuations and humidity.

  • Are there any government or industry standards for industrial light bulbs?

Answer: Yes, several standards and certifications ensure the quality and performance of industrial light bulbs, such as ENERGY STAR, DLC (DesignLights Consortium), and the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). Always look for bulbs that meet these standards to ensure you’re getting a reliable, energy-efficient product.

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