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Solar LED Road Studs Lighting Up South Korea’s Expressways

We are thrilled to share the success story of our recent solar road stud project for a client in South Korea. As a leading manufacturer of outdoor lighting solutions, we were tasked with providing high-quality solar road studs to help improve safety on a busy highway in the country.

Our team worked closely with the client to design and install solar road studs customized to their requirements. In addition, we utilized the latest technology to ensure that the road studs were obvious to drivers even in low-light conditions, helping to reduce accidents and improve safety on the road.
The project was completed on time and within budget, and the client was delighted with the results. The solar road studs provided an efficient and cost-effective solution to improve highway safety while reducing the client’s carbon footprint.

We take pride in delivering high-quality and innovative outdoor lighting solutions to clients worldwide. This project is just one example of our commitment to providing customized and sustainable lighting solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

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